Basics for Gaining Muscle Mass

Developing Body Mass

Do you have a diet plan to gain muscle and lose fat. It’s not just going to be excellent for muscle growth and high quality and protein busting give you things like omega-3 fatty acids which are also going to help you stay linked as far as your sources of carbohydrates. Well the thing about it with bodybuilding is especially if someone is dieting. They’re going to be hungrier. So you want things to keep you full but also you want things that are going to fuel your workout. You want to think yourself is like a high-performance car. You want to feel your workout ideally and that’s going to be with more of the moderate to low glycemic carbohydrates things like oatmeal sweet potatoes. Dr. John layman recommends basically that if you’re looking at a carb like oh which bread do I select you know which carb. Do I select you want to always keep your ratio carbohydrates to fiber at five-to-one.

It can go lower than that but for example if you have a piece of bread and it says 20 grams of carbs 5 grams of fiber. It’s 4 to 1 that’s perfectly in that range but if you have another piece of bread 20 grams of carbs 2 grams of fiber that’s 10 to 1 and what essentially is going to happen is you’re going to conk out. You won’t have the energy to train and you’re going to be starving because you’re going to be hypoglycemic your blood. Sugar is going to be low so you won’t be able to focus on your training. So that’s why I recommend selecting things like that out one thing. We also know is that the type of carbohydrates and proteins that you select out and fats are going to be specific to the time of day. So when you’re done training. It’s okay to have a higher amount of carbs. It’s okay possibly to have a little bit higher glycemic carbs after you train meaning like lower fiber.

After you train because you plant your carb source faster and you’re more in a state where you’re less likely to store fat but when you wake up in the morning that’s a whole different issue. One thing that we know is that you can program your metabolism for the entire day in that case. You actually want to be more conservative with the carbs and have a little bit higher fat or breakfast so your carbohydrates should be more fibrous in nature. It’s okay to have a little bit of fat like you know whole eggs as well with breakfast and what we found is that when you do that I’m not saying limit your carbs to a whole day because a lot of times people will go oh. You’re saying that limit my cars all day know saying that if you lower your cars or breakfast and increase the fats and have high amount of protein. So you program your metabolism the rest of the day to metabolize fat instead of carbohydrates which means you spare your carb source and your leaner at the end of the day and studies are coming out more and more showing this.

Sodium’s obviously a really controversial topic you know and bodybuilders are always. We’re back oh my god you know. I don’t want to hold water really the only time that they’re worried about holding water is going to be pretty contest you know and it’s always going to depend. If someone’s doing CrossFit for example they’re outside oftentimes in with no air conditioning and they’re sweating a lot you know. They might lose a liter of fluid they might lose a couple pounds of fluid and with that. They’re going to lose sodium one thing is this. If someone goes and drinks distilled water after they train. They’ll actually end out peeing out most of what they drunk sodium holds on to that water. So it’s okay to have things with electrolytes and with sodium if you train really hard and you sweat at a time. It’s okay to put some salt on your food. It’s you under freak out because if you have a little extra water does. It mean that you’re storing fat but in reality again hydration is critical going back to the cell swallowing theory.

We think mussels grow because they swell so if you’re dehydrated studies show that cells might actually get smaller that’s the opposite of thing. So I think sodium is important along with their normal hydration needs you do eat something that’s bad. You just you have to factor into the entire day does it mean that’s the end of your life and a lot of audios are freaked out. Oh my god I do five hours of Caria the next day it happened just get back on your diet. You know overall but obviously you know times like special occasions. It’s Christmas if it’s your birthday. If it’s a friend’s wedding. It’s okay to have a piece of cake you know what I mean just go back on your program after that I think that people who aren’t aware of the science or aware of bodybuilding and I think body bone is very advanced bodybuilders are very advanced they understand a lot of things.

I’m going to lose weight or I want to get my body better and then they cut out like all the meats in their diet and you know all they’re eating is you know a bunch of pasta and a bunch of fruits and almost. No protein and they think that’s healthy right but in reality it’s not because you’re giving your body a bunch of energy but you’re not making your muscles work every time.

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