Fundamentals of Eating for Muscle Growth

Tips for Muscle Mass

Do you about a meal plan for athletes to gain muscle. How to lose fat and get shredded. You name it we can actually look at it. I want to have the sport to a new level with all the latest that science has to offer. I think bodybuilders should focus on really nutrient-dense foods. Foods that have a lot of vitamins. You know minerals that are high in fiber. These things are really good for not just body bone but they’re good for health. Obviously if you look at muscle protein is going to be really critical and that’s been a lot of my research is protein and amino acids and I think a lot of people. When they think about optimizing protein. The biggest question is like oh how much protein do I need a single day but really I think my philosophy is that they’re going about the wrong way. They got to focus on how much protein should I have at each individual meal and then how frequently can I consume my meals.

So basically what we would say is for you know average hundred and eighty pound guy probably around 30 grams of protein 40 grams of protein is going to optimize. You know that muscle building is the response that will obviously go up when you have like a 250 pound guy. Now what we found though is in between meals branched-chain amino acids will actually keep protein synthesis spiked. So what I recommend is having something like four five meals a day Pro in between have snacks with like branched chain amino acids. In between those meals and for those of you guys who are really into bodybuilding nutrition. You know that leucine is the king of branched chain amino acid. So you need about three grams of leucine per serving. So that’s actually what 30 or 40 grams of protein is giving you.

It’s giving you got 3 grams of leucine. Then you have branched chain amino acids in between meals and that will maintain protein synthesis. So once you have your protein figured out then you’re talking about your energy and that’s going to come from obviously carbohydrates and your fats and it’s obviously going to depend on how hard at your training that someone’s training 3 days a week. Obviously they’re not going to need as much energy if someone is training twice a day. You know those carbohydrate needs are going to go up. It’s important that individuals obviously select out good choices particularly like if they’re trying to diet. You know it’s someone selecting like really really high calorie density foods going to be harder to lose fat.

so that’s where someone might select out higher fiber foods and things of that nature but there’s such a world of nutrition that you can go into Darry will have both protein fats and carbohydrates and so it’s how the dairy is prepared. How it’s trained. How it’s filtered that will determine whether you’re getting a lot of lactose which is the high amount of carbohydrate in there or a lot of fat or just more of the protein. For example with whey protein you’re filtering out that protein same thing with things like casein. So it’s a very high quality source of protein that’s mixing with carbs and fats. Then how you prepare it will determine what you’re getting out of it for bodybuilders.

In general when they’re talking about dairy they really want to get the protein out of it because we know it’s the highest quality that you have and that’s where again things like way one thing. I’ll say about dairy is studies are showing more and more more servings of dairy people have per day. The healthier they are the leaner. They are the more muscle. They have so it’s the perfect source of protein that we know up and then all the animal-based sources for protein are going to be ideal. So the animals arrive are going to be ideal. So if it’s not weigh or egg base then you’re talking about things like lean meats like lean beef. Lean steak is so good that I’ll make you grow lean chicken you know turkey things of that nature salmon is excellent.

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