Some Best Weight Gain Ideas

Best Weight Gain Plans

Do you have some weight gain diet plans. Let’s move on to protein powder now even though you don’t need protein powder to build muscle. Since you can get all the protein you need from real food protein powder can still make a couple things easier for you. First of all you can take it on the go and it’s not always possible to prepare a high-protein meal on the go. It can also help you meet your daily protein requirements without making you feel excessively full. You want to have at least point seven two point eight grams of protein for each pound of bodyweight to give you the maximum muscle building benefits and if you’re cutting you may want to have a little more than that. The protein will be used in a process known as protein synthesis to repair and build muscle as long as protein synthesis rates are higher than protein breakdown rates.

You’ll have a positive nitrogen balance putting your body in a more ideal state for growth. This is also why it may be a good idea to have a protein shake after your workout. When you workout protein breakdown rates will rise you can slow this down and increase protein synthesis rates just by having a protein shake soon after your workout. If you workout in a fasted state then having that protein shake soon or after a workout rather than later can really help with building muscle. However if you have some protein before your workout you don’t have to worry so much about how soon you take down that protein shake even if it’s hours later. When choosing the right type of protein you have a number of options including whey casein soy rice beef being egg pea and hemp. Just to name a few now just to make it super simple for you.

Studies show that animal-based protein powders lead to higher protein synthesis rates when compared to plant-based sources. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go with a plant-based protein powder like soy rice or pea as long as you have a variety of plant-based sources throughout the day. You can actually achieve a more balanced amino acid profile with that said if you can have a dairy based protein powder. Studies show that they will typically outperform soy for muscle building purposes. The two main dairy based protein powders are whey and casein. Whey protein has a faster digestion time allowing it to get into the bloodstream quickly. On the other hand casein takes longer to digest sometimes taking up to four hours. Whey is better if you’re having it after workout not only because of its faster absorption rate but also because it has a better amino acid profile for building muscle to be more specific.

It’s one of the best sources of leucine which as we discussed is the most important amino acid for muscle growth. Now this doesn’t mean that casing doesn’t offer its own unique advantages that may make you want to consider getting it to taking casein before bed has been shown in studies to help increase type 2 muscle fiber size as well as overall muscle strength. This may be because you’ll be able to maintain a more positive protein balance while you sleep if you consume a slow digesting source of protein beforehand. However if you’re only looking for a post-workout supplement or you can only choose one of the two I recommend way over casing now within the category of whey protein. You have concentrate and isolated while a concentrate will probably be the cheaper of the two. It will also contain less protein and more carbs and fats instead besides concentrate and isolate.

There’s also hydrolyzed whey which is believed to be even faster absorbing and more bioavailable but it’s a lot more expensive given the fact. That regular way is already over 96% bioavailable and there’s no scientific data showing that hydrolyzed whey will absorb even faster than regular isolate. I recommend saving your money and sticking with isolate if you’re lactose intolerant. I recommend an egg protein powder because of its high bioavailability. If you want a plant-based protein source you should get one that includes multiple plant-based sources like a mix of pee and rice to get a more balanced amino acid profile. The last supplement that you may want to look into if you’re in a cold climate is vitamin D and the reason is because most people don’t get enough vitamin D and daily especially in cold climates. best protein powder for weight gain

Your body normally gets a vitamin D from the Sun but if you don’t get enough sun exposure. You probably don’t have optimal levels. If you’re deficient in vitamin D your testosterone levels will be impacted in a very negative way. So if you don’t get much sunshine you may want to consider adding this relatively cheap supplement into your plan. That’s about it guys. Like creatine can really help but no supplement will replace hard work in the gym combined with a solid meal plan. At the end of the day supplements will make up less than 5% of your results. The rest is up to your diet and training if you feel like you need any extra help with developing an effective workout or diet plan based on your goals.

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